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A Forever Kind of Thing

Growing up on the proverbial "wrong side of the tracks" gave me a long list of bullies and a short list of friends. I spent most of my childhood days thinking of creative ways to escape the dirty pit that was Palmer, Georgia, until a new kid showed up on the first day of fifth grade and gave me every reason to stay.

But as my rotten luck would have it, he disappeared two years later without a word, leaving me with a million unanswered questions and an irreparable hole in my thirteen year-old heart.

Fast forward to five years post-betrayal, and I've gone from Palmer trailer park to Atlanta mansion, secondhand clothes to straight off the runway, and bullies now kiss the ground beneath my Gucci-covered feet.

Reigning supreme at my new prestigious high school, I was counting down the days until graduation when the keeper of all my secrets walked back into my life and threatened to knock this queen right off her throne. What he doesn't know is that I'll gladly retire my crown. All he has to do is promise me forever.

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